Wunderbar Together 2019 Campus Week Photoalbum

Pictures from various Wunderbar Together events

Professor Natalia Dudnik and her students
Professors Francien Markx, Anja Wright and Andrea Zach
Preparing for the festivities
Let’s start the party!
Learning about German culture
Trying German foods
Enjoying good food and company
Passing through the German culture
Pretzel making competition
Learning German phrases with Professor Dudnik
Picture Time
Picture Time
Edith Sheffer answering students’ questions
Anticipating audience before Dr. Sheffer’s talk
Arvid Enders and Natalia Dudnik after the successful discussion forum
Discussion forum contributors: John Rogers, Bernd Schaefer, Kirsten Stetson, Natalia Dudnik and Arvid Enders
Engaged audience at Dr. Sterling’s presentation
Natalia Dudnik and Brett Sterling presenting German comic books
Anja Wright, Andrea Zach, Francien Markx, Stan Engebretson and Natalia Dudnik after the beautiful choral performance